Harassment After Sha and I Left RFCP

Before I begin, Sha and I are not dumb, we knew exactly what would happen when we left RFCP. Everyone knows what happens to people who leave RFCP. Sha and I expected an insane amount of retaliation when we left, we knew it was going to be worse than anything we have ever seen. We basically led the army on Prior Bumble’s behalf. We knew that our departure was a huge loss for him and he would do everything in his power to villainize us and guilt us for leaving. We knew that he would never take credit for us leaving and we would lose some, if not all, of our RFCP friends. I knew it would be bad but I never expected them to do what they did.

I was shocked with these screenshots that were leaked from their hicom chat from one of their 4ics:

Prior Bumble calling us toxic because I decided to leave RFCP:

Prior Bumble asking one of the officers (that we met up with) if we were acting strange when he saw us.

We were trying not to PDA it up because we didn’t want him to feel awkward.
I guess that was an issue though? LOL. They also are making comments about knowing where we live.

Prior Bumble presenting his plan into manipulating Sha to feel guilty:

They wrote the letter to her to
1.) Guilt her
2.) Get her to feel bad about thinking RFCP is bad.
That is extremely manipulative

They did indeed send her a goodbye letter

Prior did this to make her feel bad. He knew this was going to throw her into a panic attack, but did it anyway to make himself look good.

It drove Sha into a panic attack and she almost checked herself into a hospital again due to the suicidal thoughts she had because she felt guilty.

As you can see in the screenshots, that was Prior Bumble’s goal. He wanted her to cry, he wanted her to feel guilty.

That was his last tactic of abuse against her, and it was absolutely disgusting. RFCP is the most toxic army I have ever come across. Not only in terms of NSFW toxicity, but in terms of emotional mind games and abuse. Sha is struggling because of how Prior has emotionally abused her for months. What he did to Sha he has done to countless other soldiers who left.

He also as usual threatened to kick any RFCP member who messages her because she “betrayed” the army. He made her seem like a bad person.

You can scroll through RFCP main chat and see how Prior Bumble spoke about Sha in front of the army. He threw away all she has done for him. He has turned the entire army against her and they have been nasty.

We have more screenshots from #command-room. They are bullying her.

Sha was amazing in RFCP and they are totally acting like she was this terrible person. She did incredible work in RFCP and she is doing amazing in TCP. Sha literally did nothing to them. ALL SHE DID WAS JOIN ANOTHER ARMY.

This is what happens when people leave RFCP. They are terrorized, manipulated, and made out to be villians.

Why can’t someone retire and go to another army without being harassed and bullied?

RFCP is so toxic and manipulative. I cannot believe they went through the lengths they did to hurt Sha and many other people who left. Sha and I are good people and we do not deserve how they are treating us, especially after the months of hard work we put into the army.

Sha and I have looked back on her conversations with Prior together and she knows that she was manipulated into not seeing the bad things he has done. We have accepted that the current RFCP members are in the same boat as she was in. She knows now that she was tossed to the side and that she never really mattered. She feels foolish and her heart is broken. RFCP soldiers are being manipulated into hating her just like she was manipulated into hating other soldiers who have left. She knows how others felt now and she has completely woken up to the true side of Prior.

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