Prior Bumble’s Racist Comments


I promise this is not a petty article. Prior Bumble has made very racist comments.

I have never thought of Prior Bumble as a racist person, I do not think he is genuinely a racist. But these comments shocked me and they cannot be excused.

Prior Bumble is referencing Club Penguin Army Hub

What disgusts me is that Prior Bumble (a white privileged person!) has the audacity to compare the supposed “discrimination” against RFCP to the struggles African Americans have gone through for generations due to white privileged people like him. If there is “discrimination” against RFCP, it is because of his own actions. It is no one else’s fault but his own. He needs to stop comparing hate against RFCP to racism against people of color. That is sickening.

The fucking audacity
Excuse me? Lol this dude

Prior Bumble, RFCP, what is your excuse for these comments? There is nothing you can say to excuse them. I can’t imagine what he has said in other people’s DMs.

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