Prior Bumble’s Sexual “Domming”

Another important topic worth discussing is Prior Bumble’s “domming”, both emotionally and sexually. Unfortunately, Prior Bumble is going to get off on what I am about to say. Prior Bumble has identified and presented himself as a total alpha male and all of his actions towards people clearly demonstrate that. He doms and doms, regardless of the individual’s age, gender, or sexual orientation. He takes what he wants and doesn’t care if the person is left feeling uncomfortable. This is all to build up his reputation as an alpha and feed his ego. He targeted Sha with these tendencies by making her feel below him in their friendship, he was on top, she was on bottom. She was made to feel that way in nearly every conversation I read. This is all done in an attempt to make people feel less than, and below him. He wants to feel powerful and he will do anything to fulfill that want.

He absolutely loves any kind of controversy that comes with his “domming”. On multiple occasions he has expressed his love for Toom’s Article by saying it makes him feel more powerful. 

An entire article was written about how his “domming”, especially in front of children, makes people uncomfortable; he didn’t care. Prior Bumble sees no issues with this behavior and how it makes people feel. He enjoys doing it and he isn’t ever going to stop. 

Prior Bumble came onto me one day and was trying to “dom” me. I went along with it because I was nervous and wanted to see how he does this. It made me very uncomfortable, especially because he asked for photos. 

Prior Bumble isn’t a dom, he isn’t an alpha. He bullies people on the internet into “submission” to make himself feel powerful. His power is not real, being a Club Penguin army leader isn’t real power. This is a hobby that he has taken way too seriously and it has began to affect people’s real life. The power that he has is not real, it never will be real. If Club Penguin Armies ever died, he would have nothing. If he didn’t have Discord, he would have nothing. It is pathetic that he goes this far to feed his ego and make people feel small. This ties in with the abuse that I covered in a previous post.

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