Sexual Content with Minors Present

Everyone knows Prior Bumble’s crude history with NSFW content in front of minors.Everyone also knows his history of making inappropriate comments to and about minors. Both Sha’s DMs with him and the old RFCP main chat were full of these incidents. He doesn’t care how old people are, he is just inappropriate. I was horrified with what I saw.

I had some RFCP members DM me and ask for proof that the RFCP server/Prior Bumble is unsafe, well, here you go.

These 2019 screenshots are still relevant, due to the fact that two underage server admins have access to the channel without any restrictions.

The following photos contain Prior Bumble’s interactions with minors in RFCP’s main chat

These screenshots REALLY concerned me: for context, Pyxel is a 14 year old Admiral (3ic) in RFCP. He had posted an announcement in the #news channel in the RFCP server.

Prior Bumble also had an entire channel dedicated to things/people he has urinated on.

This channel has since been archived by Sha but server admins Coolj and Opino (minors) have unrestricted access to it. 

Prior Bumble has also created a role called “Baptized by Prior Bumble” that he gives all of the soldiers he has had sexual encounters with. Kids in the server have asked about the role before. 

CoffeeBean (KofiBwean) is an RFCP 4ic, and is 15 years old. She is seen in this screenshot asking what the role means.

Then she obviously finds out what the role is, and asks how to get it a few weeks later.

Krispy was once an RPF member until Prior Bumble manipulated him into leaving the army. He was safer in RPF if I’m being honest. 

Prior Bumble also has a channel in the RFCP server called #a-room, where he has in-server sexual encounters with many of his soldiers. There were many instances of minors entering the channel to witness Prior Bumble having e-sex with one of his soldiers. All of the users in the following screenshots are minors. Please note that this server was originally protected only with a NSFW warning on the channel, it only became role accessible much later once Sha and many others convinced him to change the perms.

Sillabye and Pixie are the only adults in those conversations.

The channel is currently archived; but two minors with admin perms have access (Coolj and Opino). They are able to access the channel at any time without restriction. 

This channel made people SO uncomfortable. It was public with only a NSFW warning on the channel that children could easily bypass. It was really weird. And again, to this day, Coolj and Opino (both minors!) have access to this channel 

Prior Bumble also had an emote commissioned by a graphic designer for the RFCP server of his penguin making a moaning face. This emote was used a lot by both children and adults in the army. Sha deleted it from the server when they began allowing visitors because it was very weird and inappropriate. 

Feel free to add this to your servers.

Prior Bumble also disclosed to Sha in DMs that he went back and edited messages with a minor to make himself look less creepy. 

He knew that he exposed a minor to sexual content and fixed his messages to make himself look better.
Sha and I looked back on this message together, she regrets saying it was fine, it was NOT fine.

I would also like to add that Sha and I are the only reason you ever got some kind of apology for the inappropriate situations he put minors in. He told us he didn’t regret what he did because he didn’t see anything wrong with it. Sha and I both practically begged him to come out with a statement so he could have an opportunity to move on. We were disgusted with what he had done and we knew that he needed to apologize; But he saw himself as innocent and didn’t think he needed to say anything about it or issue any kind of apology. This was so upsetting and frustrating for both Sha and I.

He has no regret/remorse for his actions. He does not regret exposing minors to inappropriate content. He only regrets getting the backkash he got

Prior Bumble does not regret what he has done. He only regrets doing things that got him caught. He to this day sees nothing wrong with what he did. He put the blame of the “stuff room” entirely on Sha. He plays dumb when people confront him about the sexual things he has said to minors. He plays dumb about moderation. He is aware of his actions and continues to expose children to sexual themes. The role and urinating channel are recent things! He has said he has changed, but how can he have changed if he sees nothing wrong with his actions. No “apology” the community has received from him is real. It was simply done to improve his reputation in an attempt to get people to stop hating him. It took hours of convincing to get him to release the public apology on the blog. He was ashamed of it though and hid it from the army, it was not posted in #news like most blogs are. It was done ONLY in an attempt to get RFCP unbanned from Club Penguin Army Hub.

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