To Prior Bumble

This part is for Prior. Prior Bumble, we both know how lucky you were to have Sha as a friend. You and the Officers can continue to blame her for your failures, but we both know that she was the reason for any of your success. She fought for you like I have never seen someone fight before. She supported you endlessly through all of your controversies. She protected you day and night. You need to take accountability for what you did to lose her (and many past soldiers!) instead of blaming the community. The actions and screenshots shared in this blog are your mistakes, the controversies you face are because of your actions. No one else is doing this, you did this to yourself. Take accountability for your wrongs instead of acting like you are above them. You lost Sha due to how you treated her, learn from this and don’t let it happen to any of your other soldiers. Stop manipulating and isolating your army into only seeing a perfect side of you. 

The only reason you isolate your army is because you know the second they see what a real army is, they will realize what kind of person you really are and how catastrophically deranged your army is. 

You have made so many mistakes and your lack of accountability for those mistakes is the reason why you face backlash from the community. You walk all over people with no remorse.

It is time to wake up and own up to your mistakes. Own up to everything you have seen yourself do in this article, without excuses. That is what a good leader would do. 

Next time you think about saying something shitty about me or my girlfriend in #command-room, just remember that we got you CPA Legend title and if it was not for us, you would still be a poor sad Commander in Chief in isolation. You owe us and should be thanking us instead of hating us.

I made you. I can end you. Stay the fuck away from Sha and I.  

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