Why We Left RFCP

If you have read this far, it is obvious why we left. I have been begging Sha for weeks to leave RFCP. She loved Prior so much and she wanted to stay for him. She wanted him to be happy and for him to have someone that was 100% in his corner. She still loves him and she is heartbroken. It just became too much. It was putting a strain on our relationship, we would both end up in tears every night over Prior Bumble when we called each other. Sha’s mental health has been a mess. I knew it was bad when I found out she is in 20 hours of weekly therapy due to her RFCP trauma. She didn’t know why she was so sad until I started showing her the truth.

Sha and I were willing to tolerate his treatment towards us, until he started attacking us for our relationship.

I treated Sha with love and respect all of the time. My moods towards her were consistent and I treated her like the amazing person I believe she is. We treated each other with love, respect, and dignity at every moment. Prior Bumble knew that I was treating Sha like a queen, and that he would never be able to treat her the same. Prior Bumble wanted to love Sha like I do, but due to his unrealistic views of what a true man truly is, he was unable to. When you love someone you need to sometimes put their needs first, even if it means sacrificing your own. Both Sha and I are able to do that for each other and it is equal and two sided. In a friendship with Prior Bumble it is his way or no way. It was natural for Sha to draw away from him and become more close with me. I feel bad that I took his best friend away, but I don’t feel bad that I saved my girlfriend from an abusive friendship.

Sha and I’s romantic relationship threatened Prior Bumble’s power. Sha is the one person he has consistently had for 15 months that allowed him to “dom” and abuse her when he needed a power fix. She is the one person that had his back no matter what. His freakouts make sense, but it doesn’t excuse how it made us feel. Sha and I should have been allowed to date without worrying about what our leader thought. No other army leader has dictated and bullied two people for dating like Prior Bumble did to us.

He was very jealous and made it clear to Sha all the time.

Not to mention the incident when I was sending Sha flirty DMs while she was reading something on RFCP VC, and she said something back. Prior flipped and made her DM me a harassing message or he would ban her.

Sha ended up in tears that night because Prior blocked her after she sent me that message.

Prior Bumble also knew we were dating and intentionally tried to get her to have sexual encounters with him. It made her uncomfortable and she made excuses to get out of it.

The reason Sha and I ended up returning to RFCP a few weeks ago was because Prior Bumble manipulated her with “suicide threats”. He started spamming both of us with guilt for apparently choosing each other over him. I knew it was complete BS but Sha’s heart melted for him and she ended up on a 16 hour voice call with him where she soothed him, validated him, and comforted him. She felt responsible for his feelings and wanted to be back in the army to make sure he was safe. She as usual put her needs aside for his and returned to RFCP, despite her better judgement. I returned simply to support my girlfriend in making sure he didn’t hurt himself. I obviously cared about Prior as well or I would have just went off on him. It was just hard because I knew this was a tactic he was using to manipulate her. He knew that she would take the threat seriously.

Sha’s POV:

This is the only reason Sha returned to RFCP. She was happy and ready to move on and recover. Prior Bumble made that impossible.


It is hard for me to believe that this wasn’t a giant plan to get Sha back in RFCP. He already admitted to using the “goodbye letter” as a guilt trip to get her back. Appearing completely vulnerable in a a full blown effort to get her back was all he could do. He needed her loyalty and her dedication or he would never accomplish anything. He couldn’t do armies without her because she cleaned up all his messes. He couldn’t stand that there was a man in her life that treated her well and was above him. It messed with his power. He needed to pull her back down, and he did. It worked. So good job Prior Bumble.

It was very short lived though.

   The Day Sha Officially Left

Sha and I met in real life on Friday, September 11’th. My plan was to get her out of the army sometime that weekend.

Prior made that very easy for us.

Prior was inducted as CPA Legend on September 12, the day Sha and I were together in real life. We had been spending the day together and having a blast, and we hadn’t been checking discord much. Prior had been ignoring her most of the weekend, until he DMed her with the news that the Legend Committee had titled him 2019 CPA Legend. She was so excited for him and started freaking out. We were walking down Pier 39 in San Francisco, together and she immediately called him to congratulate him on his accomplishment. I had to stay quiet and pretend I wasn’t there :wary:. They spoke for about 30 minutes and she simped like crazy, she was SO excited and proud of him. He asked her to change her status from the one about me to one about him, so she agreed and had it up for about an hour. He then started ignoring her and acting like he wanted nothing to do with her. Out of excitement she made him a role in RFCP titled “CPA Legend” and gave it to him, she posted a screenshot in #news. Then she made Prior a banner to use for the RFCP website. She was so proud and wanted him to be happy. He was ignoring her though this whole time. He never thanked her for helping him get this far. She was neglecting her limited time with me and spamming his DMs with congratulation messages; I saw her phone, there was a lot of spam. She got sad and changed her status back to one about me and we watched a movie.

Sha checked her phone and next thing I knew she was in tears. I took her phone from her and saw these messages.

This is abusive as hell

As I was holding a crying Sha in my arms, it was clear what had happened.

She was being used this whole time and now that his biggest dream had come true, he didn’t need her anymore.

He kicked her to the curb. He abandoned the only person in community who was aware of ALL of his mistakes and still showed him unconditional love. Sha and I were the only reason he got Legend. Sha’s hard work for the army and my talent for cleaning up his messes is what got him inducted. He dropped her over a discord status. He didn’t try and get her back in the army, he didn’t see if she was okay, he didn’t even message her. He got what he wanted so she was no longer a use for him. She lost everything in RFCP, and he was happy and egotistical with his Legend title.

A CPA Legend title will mean nothing to you in 10+ years, but a friend who treats you good will still have meaning in your life. Prior Bumble’s temporary and fabricated power was more important than an amazing friend who loved him. That will never make sense to me. Sha still wanted a friendship with him after RFCP, but he truly lost her that day. He lost me too.

I need Prior Bumble to understand that his actions drove Sha out of RFCP, no one else’s. She was the glue that held RFCP together; his current hicom without us is foolish and inexperienced. They don’t know what CPA really is, therefore they struggle to help lead Prior’s “army”. Sha and I kept RFCP alive and we kept it involved in the community. No one else in RFCP knows how to do that. They are going to die out.

Prior may have been inducted as CPA Legend but the way he has treated people doesn’t make him deserving of that title.

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