Enough is Enough

Prior, I do not even know where to start with you. In my opinion, you have to be one of the most confused and disturbed individuals in all of CPA.

Criticizing Sha and calling her unstable while you are the “guy” who forces “Prior’s girls” to sit silently in GC’s while you virtually dom them is crazy. Not only do you have this weird obsession with domination, but along with it, you also have a piss kink that no one wants to know about. Instead of being normal and keeping your kinkiness to yourself, you express it in front children by preforming cringy acts like “whipping it out” and “pissing out the fire” at Thanksgiving Dinner as a “fatherly act of love, care, and affection toward your children (soldiers).” That is true mentally instability; not suffering from PTSD and trauma caused by a 25 year old nutcase.

Weren’t you the one who posted a recent RFCP blog about how much you care for people’s mental health? (Just like you make your soldiers watch army blogs to make sure you’re not being doxxed, I check yours to protect Sha) Aren’t you supposedly a crisis counselor who is supposed to care for others and guide them through emotional crises? And yet there you are in the RFCP server (on your secret account that we all know about) using your PHD of “avoiding blame” to diagnose Sha with Bipolar Disorder, and using her poor mental health (that you caused) as a way to invalidate her stories about your abuse towards her. The funny thing is that neither Sha nor I need to be considered credible for the contents of this website. Our claims were never baseless. You got too comfortable in her DMs and said awful things that we took the liberty of posting on this website to prove our opinions. You could argue that we were not credible if we had made claims without evidence, but each of our blog pages has a motherload of real screenshots to back up our claims; and everyone believes us. Your messages and abuse towards Sha is what created this website and you are playing dumb and acting like each claim on this website is false and made up: I guess you only care about feelings of people who are “actively fighting for you.” Quid pro quo. You’re a selfish person to value only RFCP’s mental health while completely destroying and diminishing another’s and you definitely shouldn’t call yourself a Crisis Counselor.

Just in case your eyes fumed with anger and impaired your vision when Sha’s recent post was published, I will go ahead and let you know that it was actually very kind and was intended to help your army succeed. Nearly everyone agrees with that statement. It was much nicer than you deserved. You just didn’t like that it directly exposed the aftermath of what you have done to her. She is an absolute disaster. You took a intelligent, fierce, loving, and kind young woman and tore her personality into pieces. I work day and night to help her recover from the damage you have caused to her. You are absolutely disgusting to harass and make a mockery of my girlfriends mental health, and you wonder why no one likes you.

Sha nor I have ever acted like we have done nothing wrong. We know we have done lots of things wrong. Sha knows that her behaviors while in RFCP were unacceptable which is why she has apologized to every single person she ever hurt while in RFCP.

Prior, she even reached out to you over an email a few weeks ago and apologized for the things she had done to hurt you. She had heard what happened to a member of your army and wanted to make it clear she didn’t hate you and wanted the best for you. Unlike you her heart is big and she has worked hard to love everyone, even if they have hurt her. There is no room for hatred in her heart and despite what you did to her, she values you as a living person. Even though she doesn’t hate you she only asked to speak to you so she could talk to you about ending the harassment towards us. You never responded so she wrote her post. You, being the conceited person that you are, apparently interpreted that as “Sha begging for forgiveness and wanting to reconcile”. You are absolutely crazy, she never ever wants a friendship with you after the pain you caused her. All she wanted to do is apologize for her wrongdoings, wish you the best, and talk about how to end this drama: seeing how you interpreted the intentions of that email, I thank god that you did not reply to her.

I know that I did wrong things to other members of RFCP that I apologize for. I took the intense feelings of a shitty situation and took it out on RFCP members while in the army. I apologize for this, and Sha and I also apologized for the email I sent Prior when this blog was posted. Sha knows she was a bad person in RFCP which is why she has apologized, changed, and has never been like that in any other army. Sha knows that she was the reason someone left RFCP and has apologized to you directly many many months ago. You forgave her, gave her admin perms, Legend status, and her rank back. You can act tough and mad now but you were over it until she left and you needed content to prove she is a bad person. Just like me, my wrongdoings in April were apologized for and you forgave me Prior until you needed to content to turn people against me.

Why is your forgiveness towards my past mistakes suddenly revoked? You didn’t care so much about my past when I was writing editorials on your behalf and fixing your army’s reputation. The same goes for Sha. You didn’t care about any of our “toxic” behaviors when we were in RFCP because our work for the army was actively benefiting you every day. You were willing to forgive and forget when we were your simps, but now that we are against you every single thing you forgave us for or turned your nose away from has suddenly become “proof” that we are horrible people. You contradict yourself “sir” because these horrible behaviors you speak of were once things that were ignored and openly accepted in your army. If Sha was so bad then why was she declared an RFCP Legend, next in line for 2ic, Guardian with admin and revival perms for the army, and your most trusted companion? If I am the most “dangerous person in the community”, then why was I given a spot in your high command? Why did you trust me to save RFCP’s reputation? Why wasn’t my Medal of Merit immediately revoked when you found out who I was? Prior I just really think it boils down to the fact that you don’t care what a person has done or is currently doing, as long as they spend time actively working for you and defending you.

Sha has shown me dozens of screenshots of you telling her how much you hate CANC and Cena, yet as soon as Cena was ready to swoop in and defend you for relevance he was forgiven. I remember you saying awful things to me and Sha about Microwaveable Hamster and how she will never be an Officer, but yet the moment we left and you needed new defenders she was promoted to Officer and you fell in love with her. You are an absolute lunatic and if anything, you are more un-credible than me or Sha because your choices and words constantly contradict themselves.

But go ahead; post screenshots of our server outburts, post whatever you want. You will look worse than us because you are the leader that condoned our actions and gave us no permanent punishments. With all of our hearts we own every screenshot you could ever post in an attempt to hurt us. We, and others know of our behaviors within the army because we personally revealed them ourselves. But unlike you, we have taken ownership and accountability for all of our mistakes and have worked hard to learn from them. We haven’t behaved like that in any other army. You are the problem. Your attempts to ruin our reputation will always fail because 1.) we don’t care, and 2.) people know what we have done and forgive us anyway. If our bad behaviors were repetitive in other armies you might have a case, but RFCP is the only army we were “toxic” in, and it’s obvious that a toxic environment brings out toxic sides of people. You can’t make the claim that we were the only thing that made RFCP toxic either, because what we saw in your server when our post came out proves that it’s still very much toxic. Everyone knows that “exposing” and harassment is what you do when people leave and the toxicity within your army is clear.

You seem to forget though that unlike everyone in this community, I met you in real life. I know the real you, and for you to connect on an emotional level with people based off a fake persona you created, is beyond messed up. You’re not who you say you are and it’s wrong to lie, especially when internet safety is involved. Offering children under the age of 18 RFCP merchandise at the price of them revealing private information to you, a complete stranger who never revealed any kind of personal info, is wrong. Children under the age of 18 should not be giving that out without a parent or guardian’s permission. Be truthful for once and stop lying and trying to overcompensate in masculinity when you clearly lack it.

I emailed you 3 months ago telling you to leave Sha and I alone, and yet you are still harassing us and talking about us. And still trying to redeem yourself. Let me try and get this through your thick skull. You are not redeemable. You are not a Legend, you are a lost cause in this community. You are irrelevant and despised by everyone except your following, so stick to reading your “kiddos” bed time stories and leave us alone.

Microham, just stop 🤣. You’re like the cringe soccer mom who has Capri Suns ready to go for her kids after practice but gets mad when another mom brings better snacks. As I’m sure your lawyer bff has told you and Prior, you can not sue me. I have not done anything illegal. I have not defamed anyone or anything because all of my opinions on this website have documented evidence and are not fabricated (unlike Prior’s). If you all are so mad about the truth, maybe Prior should not have abused my girlfriend along with many others.

Moreover, I never claimed to be perfect, but my wrongs do not validate yours, so writing a smear article about me will not achieve favor from your critics. You always point the finger at someone else and everyone knows this. Take accountability and just leave us alone for good. No one wants to play this game with you. Leave.

I do not like going on and on about this, and I am going to go give my girlfriend some much needed hugs. So please just do yourself a favor and leave us alone.


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