A Message to RFCP Regarding Their Harassment

I have about 20 posts I’ve written to RFCP over the past few months; I wrote some angry ones in all caps, some were written with tears streaming down my face, some were written in moments where I felt completely numb, and others were written as giant apologies. I don’t know what tone to takeContinue reading “A Message to RFCP Regarding Their Harassment”

RFCP Multilogs

Good day readers, today I am exposing Prior Bumble’s Recon Federation of Club Penguin as multiloggers. Please examine the following screenshots carefully. Officers have multilogged his account into “important” battles he refuses to miss but is unable to attend Once a multilogger, always a multilogger. P.S. @PaPa Prior, where is my year of nitro??? :hehe:

Prior Bumble’s Sexual “Domming”

Another important topic worth discussing is Prior Bumble’s “domming”, both emotionally and sexually. Unfortunately, Prior Bumble is going to get off on what I am about to say. Prior Bumble has identified and presented himself as a total alpha male and all of his actions towards people clearly demonstrate that. He doms and doms, regardlessContinue reading “Prior Bumble’s Sexual “Domming””

Sexual Content with Minors Present

Everyone knows Prior Bumble’s crude history with NSFW content in front of minors.Everyone also knows his history of making inappropriate comments to and about minors. Both Sha’s DMs with him and the old RFCP main chat were full of these incidents. He doesn’t care how old people are, he is just inappropriate. I was horrifiedContinue reading “Sexual Content with Minors Present”